1. Provide the amount of tokens to reward and the program length (ie. 350,000 FOX over 6 months)
    1. Advanced (optional): specify weekly rates to release incentives
      1. By default, tokens are rewarded linearly at a constant rate, but optionally projects can specify which % of rewards to release each week of the program (example)
  2. Start date for Stream (can be a specific date OR x hours after launch if launch date is flexible (and then we will provide a launch date))
  3. End date for Stream (ie. December 23, 2026 at 9am)
  4. Initial claimable % (ie. 10%)
  5. Provide the following information on the farming program and stream
  6. Network (ETH or xDAI)
  7. Staking token symbol, name, icon(s), and contract addresses (ie. FOX/HNY LP, 0x8a0Bee989c591142414ad67FB604539d917889dF, comprised of FOX, ShapeShift FOX Token, 0x21a42669643f45bc0e086b8fc2ed70c23d67509d, and HNY, Honey, 0x71850b7E9Ee3f13Ab46d67167341E4bDc905Eef9)
  8. Subtitle (50% FOX / 50% HNY)
  9. Reward token symbol, name, icon, and contract address (ie. FOX, ShapeShift FOX Token, 0x21a42669643f45bc0e086b8fc2ed70c23d67509d)
  10. DEX or staking protocol (ie. Honeyswap)
  11. Project description and website (max 500 characters):
    1. example: ShapeShift is the free and open-source one-stop-shop for cross-chain DeFi. Buy, sell, send, receive, trade, and earn yield on your crypto across a growing number of protocols and chains with no added fees ever. FOX is the governance token of the ShapeShift DAO.
    2. https://shapeshift.com
  12. Link to Buy [Asset Symbol] Tokens (if single asset traded on DEXs) or Provide Liquidity (if asset is an LP token)
    1. example for LP tokens: https://app.honeyswap.org/#/add/0x21a42669643f45bc0e086b8fc2ed70c23d67509d/0x71850b7e9ee3f13ab46d67167341e4bdc905eef9?chainId=100
    2. example for single asset traded on a DEX: https://app.honeyswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xe91d153e0b41518a2ce8dd3d7944fa863463a97d&outputCurrency=0x21a42669643f45bc0e086b8fc2ed70c23d67509d&chainId=100

Note: Your project will be able to launch additional farming programs in the future, and any rewards earned from future programs will be added to existing RegenStreams.

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